Everyone is welcome to attend our programs and activities, including Friday prayers, Sunday lectures and classes. Unless programs require registration, they are usually free, open to general attendance, and visitors are welcome to check them out. Please ask a program coordinator regarding the particular program you’re interested in or contact us form more information.

No matter what your personal style is, we want you to feel comfortable at our Islamic Center. We ask visitors to respect this as a place of worship and dress modestly based on Islamic guidelines. Women are not required to cover their hair to enter or participate in our Center, but we do request headscarves be worn in the prayer hall and during prayer out of reverence for our tradition. We have a small number of scarves available for guests at the front of the women’s prayer section.

The Center has programs both in English and Urdu languages. Most of the classes are conducted in English. The only exception is classes that teach Qur'anic Arabic. It’s common that Qur'an verses are quoted in Arabic during sermons and lectures, but speakers will usually include a translation or summary. Official prayers are led in Arabic, the language of the Qur'an.

We love babies and children at the Islamic Center! We also love having a safe and comfortable worship space for all of our visitors. There are several kid-friendly areas at the Center, so there is no need to miss a program or service if your child gets fussy. Some of our programs, such as Friday prayer service, often feature live audio streaming making it easy to listen from the comfort of your home when you can’t make it in person. When in doubt, please contact us.